What is NBEING?

NBEING Chain Ecosystem (NBEING Eco) is committed to building a new generation of trusted distributed data networks, innovating the Internet infrastructure, and creating a trusted value network where data flow is secure, equitable and fast.


NBEING Chain (NBEING) is the basic technology of NBEING Chain Ecosystem platform. NBEING Chain uses the brand-new block chain technology of main chain and sub-chain to design the value public block chain which conforms to the global data service application. All commercial applications of the NBEING Eco ecosystem are posted on the NBEING Chain, and the native NBEING Chain Ecosystem Token on the chain will serve as a circulation document for related applications and a fuel for information exchange.

Mission of NBEING

The mission of NBEING Chain Ecosystem is to establish the trusted distributed data networks, enable the whole industry chain to participate in the constructing ecology and share profits and make users enjoy authentic and credible service, create a de-intermediation, open autonomy, equitable and credible global data service ecosystem without national boundaries, and ultimately form the cornerstone of the next generation of value Internet.

Characteristics of NBEING

Openness, Equality, Collaboration, Speed, Sharing
Looking back on the sages, and staying true to original aspiration.

Service field

Distributed data network is the technologies with various applications. It has a wide range of applications in various fields. Our key services and supporting scenarios are as follows:

Distribution scheme

The total quantity of NBEING (NBEING tokens) will remain unchanged and will not be increased.
The total number of issuance of tokens is 10 billion. A token is called 1NBE.

  • Early financing (30%) is used for technology research and development for the platform, hardware and bandwidth costs, project operations, etc., to ensure the sustainable development of the project.
  • Community and user feedback (20%) (including 5% for Community Candy Programs): NBEING provides long-term incentive programs to community contributors by using innovative and motivational incentives to attract community users.
  • Investment fund (10%): For the initial issue, 10% of NBEING will be reserved as investment fund to build NBEING Eco ecology, maintain and prosper the ecological system. The investment fund is locked for 1 year, and is unlocked linearly quarterly.
  • Application of ecology expansion (15%): For the initial issue, 15% of NBEING will be reserved as ecology fund to incubate and support NBEING-based DAPP. The application of ecological expansion fund is locked for 1 year, and is unlocked linearly quarterly.
  • Institutional and partnership incentives (10%): NBEING Eco is a long-term undertaking. In order to continue promoting the prosperity and development of the community, we need to constantly absorb good teams to work with us; at the same time, in order to achieve some important milestones in the process of community development, we need to unite more partners to promote community growth. Institutional and partnership incentives are locked for 18 months.
  • Team building (15%): R&D and operation teams have devoted tremendous efforts to the birth and development of NBEING. In addition, the early contributors provided indispensable help for the construction of NBEING Eco through the provision of powerful resources and funds, thus rewarding them with a reasonable share of NBEING. The core team's NBEING is totally locked and is unlocked linearly every half a year over 2 years.


The team is committed to the development of block chain industry.

Roland Song






Derek Maksimovna

Technical consultant

LI Xiangjun

Technical consultant

Eric Peterson

Financial advisor

Justin Titarenko

Legal advisor


Work with us to explore a beautiful future for block chain

Cooperation information

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our friends who support and pay attention to the development of NBEING community.
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